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Oct 9
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Oct 6

Also do you guys have a main blog? And i really love how you guys post really important and inspiring things! It's really nice to hear from you guys!

We do our very best to give some quality guidance of the geek persuasion here.  We’re hopefully going to be able to bring you a lot more of that and some other projects in the future!

As for other blogs, one of us runs a neat artistic tumblr called Art Tips for Dummies.  Feel free to check that out if you’re interested!  As for the other half of us (that’s me), this is actually my first foray into tumblr!  It’s been a fun ride so far, so thanks to you and all the other fans for that. 

Oct 5
Oct 5

have you guys ever played mother 3? any thoughts on it?

Probably one of the best things Nintendo has ever done.  We’re huge fans of the Mother series over here at GG.  

I’m not afraid to admit I cried.  Repeatedly.  Sometimes I still do.  I think it’s Mother-related PTSD.

P.S. We love getting questions and suggestions from you guys, so feel free to hit us up with anything, guys! <3